The iOS 7 Jailbreak Might Already Be In The Chamber


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We’ve openly speculated that the Evasi0n jailbreak might be the last public jailbreak now that Apple has closed the security holes that makes evasi0n work, but maybe we spoke too soon: well-known jailbreaker posixninjasays he’s collected enough new exploits in iOS 6.1.3 to patch together another jailbreak.

In a couple of not-quite-modest tweets, p0sixninja said:

Well, so far it looks like the next jailbreak might be created entirely by me.

Evad3rs haven’t gone anywhere, I’ve just discovered all the needed exploits on my own over the past few months

Of course, even if p0sixninja does get a jailbreak working for iOS 6.1.3, it would be foolish for him to release it with iOS 7 on the horizon due to debut in June. Better to save the exploits and apply them to a public iOS 7 jailbreak. With iOS 7 unlikely to officially debut until fall, that means we might have a long time to wait.

Source: Twitter

  • einsnico

    Well that’s why u shouldn’t update to 6.1.3 and you’ll be fine until fall.

  • daov2a

    I agree. Can’t wait for another jailbreak and hope this is legit as I doubt iOS 7 will match the offerings available with a jailbreak.