Apple Credits Evad3r Hackers For Uncovering 4 Out Of 6 Exploits In Latest iOS Release


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For years Apple has been playing a game of cat and mouse with jailbreakers. Apple releases a new version of iOS, hackers get busy finding security vulnerabilities to exploit, a new jailbreak comes out utilizing those hard-earned exploits, and Apple fixes the security holes in a new iOS version. The cycle has been happening for years.

A team of hackers called the Evad3rs were responsible for the recent iOS 6 Evasi0n jailbreak, and Apple just released iOS 6.1.3 to patch the related security holes. Of the 6 exploits that were fixed, Apple has publicly credited 4 to the Evad3rs, all of which are chained together to give hackers root access to iOS.

iOS 6 has been jailbreakable for nearly 2 months, and over 18 million iOS devices have used Evasi0n to jailbreak, according to Forbes. That makes it the most popular jailbreak in history.

Unfortunately iOS 6.1.3 is the point of no return. You have to be on an older version of iOS 6 to jailbreak. It will probably be some time before a jailbreak like Evasi0n will be released again. The good news is that the Evad3rs have exploits already saved up for iOS 7.

Source: Apple

Via: MuscleNerd

  • MrsCleaver

    I LOVE my jailbroken (6.1.2) iPhone 5. Apple would have to incorporate a LOT of new features in order to entice me with a new OS at this point. I’ll certainly live with a security vulnerability, if that’s all 6.1.3 addresses, as I do not store sensitive data on the phone unless it’s in 1Password. I also have email nailed down pretty well, and delete sensitive email anyway.

    The great improvements and clever add-ons that good jailbreak authors offer makes the iPhone even more fun and useful.

    Just one fan’s opinion.

  • Gadget

    I wonder if Apple credited evad3rs as a slap to their face after dissecting the EvasiOn jailbreak. I can’t see evad3rs being all proud of Apple giving them credit for the fix.