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Mastering The iOS Keyboard: Enable (And Disable) Emoji [iOS Tips]


Emoji Keyboard iOS

With iOS 5, Apple included Emoji as a standard keyboard option, obviating the need for separate Emoji apps (previously the only way to get the cute characters on your iOS device). The Emoji option continued in iOS 6, adding a bunch of new cute characters, as well as some welcome gay and lesbian avatars as well.

If you haven’t enabled Emoji yet, or you want to disable it for whatever reason, read on.

Launch your iOS Settings app with a tap, and then tap on General. Swipe down to Keyboard, and tap through to the next screen. Tap Keyboards. If Emoji is not enabled, you can just tap on Add New Keyboard…, and then scroll down, just past the Dutch keyboard, and tap Emoji. Now you’ll see a new character when using the iOS keyboard; it looks like a little globe. Tap it to access all the fun Emoji characters.

If you don’t want this option with your keyboard, tap the Edit button in the upper right of the General > Keyboard > Keyboards Settings screen. Tap the circle with the line through it, and then tap the red Delete button that shows up.

Voilà! You now will not be able to see the extra keyboard option when using your iOS device.