Did Apple Just Accidentally Leak A Color iPhone 5S On Their Website? (Hint: No.)



This photograph of a Foxconn line worker working on what appears to be a yellow iPhone 5 is doing the rounds, with the suggestion being that Apple slipped up and accidentally leaked an upcoming colored iPhone on their System Reliability page.

I have no idea if Apple will colorize the iPhone 5S, but I can comfortably say that Apple’s not that stupid, and isn’t going to leak a photo of an upcoming product on their own website. That’s not a urine yellow iPhone 5S: it’s an iPhone 5 with a yellow protective coating to keep the bezel from being scraped or chipped during manufacturing.

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  • SpfdTrafficTix

    Definitely a protective covering and not a yellow iPhone. Too bad. Apple needs to catch up already. Several companies like ColorMyI.com and ColorWare already offer the iPhone in different colors. It seems like every product cycle, the analysts predict Apple will come out with a color iPhone…and every cycle they stick with black and white.