Oxford Dictionary Names “Podcast” 2005 Word of the Year

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The New Oxford American Dictionary has chosen “podcast” as the Word of the Year for 2005.

Podcast will be added to the next online update of the dictionary in early 2006.

EIC Erin McKean said, “Podcast was considered for inclusion last year, but we found that not enough people were using it, or were even familiar with the concept. This year it’s a completely different story. The word has finally caught up with the rest of the iPod phenomenon.”

The runners-up included:

bird flu
persistent vegetative state
squick (“cause immediate and thorough revulsion”)
trans fat

  • samit

    As I have a relish for compiling lexicon for myself. So I felt ecstatic when I encountered with the word “podcast”. But I have a query about the judgment of choosing the word of the year, as it was “podcast” this year. What are the parameters to get selected the word of the year?