Journalists Cover Microsoft, Using Macs


Journos on Macs at Microsoft's Mobius event. @
Journos on Macs at Microsoft's Mobius event. @windows phone thoughts

It’s not an easy time for Microsoft — with Steve Ballmer having to field questions about being “buffoons” and an “evil empire”  at the shareholder’s meeting (.doc) — so when they get together “the world’s most influential technology pundits and online writers” (nb: we weren’t invited) for Mobius to discuss super-secret mobile tech you’d think they’d have a more sympathetic crowd.

If this pic posted by Jason Dunn over at Windows Phone Talk is any indication, most journalists, even the best and brightest from sites like Engadget and Slash Gear are Macs, at a non-scientific ratio of five to three.

Sorry guys. It looks like we’re mostly interested in covering you, not using you.