Distil Union’s Newest iPhone Enhancement Turns Your Wallet Into an iPhone [Kickstarter]




That’s right — instead of a case that turns your iPhone into a wallet, Wally, the latest Kickstarter project from Distil Union, sort of does the opposite. It’s a slip of leather that attaches to the back of an iPhone 4 or 5 via something called “micro-suction,” and creates a cavity with just about enough space for three of your most-used cards.

Savvy readers will recognize the name Distil Union from their first Kickstarter project, the sleep-empowering Snooze. And just like Snooze, Wally seems stuffed with good, simple design. It’s thin and stealthy, made from Italian leather and sports a little red pull tab to make accessing your debit card easy after those late-night pub crawls. It’ll even attach to cases with a slick or glossy finish.

Wally is $40 during the Kickstarter pledge period.

  • FriarNurgle

    I have an Ec Tech wallet/book case and really enjoy consolidating my phone and wallet. Only issue with these things is that you really have to cut back on the cards you keep with you… which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

  • JasonStatman1

    $50 buck for this thing? man what a ripoff… there’s much better stuff out there that does the same thing for a lot less. and it looks like everything would fall out of it anyways. PASS.