The Cocoon IQ Collection Is A Smart Way To Organize Your Gadgets [CES 2013]


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Cocoon is showing off at CES this year a new bag that combines the best of their organization tools with the familiarity of a carrying case for your devices.

The IQ Collection, as it’s being tentatively called, is based around Cocoon’s Grid, a storage system that keeps a wide variety of your gadgets secure and organized while you’re traveling.

The bag itself has room for a 15-inch MacBook Pro as well as an iPad, but the real magic happens in the front of the bag, where Cocoon has integrated a full-sized Grid. By including a Grid in the bag, it’s much easier to pack your devices and to keep from getting your cables tangled when traveling.

Cocoon is looking to have the bags out sometime in April or May, with a price point of $79.99

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