Nectar Fuel-Cell Charger Costs A Crazy $1 Per Charge [CES 2013]



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The Nectar fuel cell is yet another attempt at freeing our devices from their relationships with power outlets. And technically, it looks great – compact and easy to use with a simple USB socket.

But unlike charging your cellphone via the mains, which is so cheap that a single charge is virtually free, the Nectar costs a buck a pop.

The device costs $300, and each fuel cartridge is another $10, and gives a “two-week” charge, translated to ten full charges for an iPhone. This is clearly far too expensive.

Environmentally it’s also suspect. The cartridges are just plastic, and can be tossed into your regular recycling bin, but mains power creates no physical waste at all.

Our esteemed leader Leander sees a future where we can take the butane cans we use for filling cigarette lighters and inject the gas straight into our phones.

Until then, I see the Nectar as being a great (if overpriced) gadget for hiking trips and so on, a rainy-day alternative to solar power.

Source: Nectar

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  • Jdsonice

    I think this is probably the first of many such gadgets to come. While the cost today is $1 per charge the cost could fall to a few pennies per charge soon as volume and number of chargers proliferate. Good start. Hopefully more to come.

  • Harold Kelly

    i’m always shocked at how quickly the quick charge stations at the airport do it…i wish there was something like that out there!