Fry’s Sells iPhone 5 For $126 To Undercut Walmart [Deals]



On Friday Walmart announced that they were going to sell the 16GB iPhone 5 in stores for only $127. It’s the cheapest deal on the iPhone 5 all year, except Fry’s has decided that they want to undercut Walmart so they’re now selling the iPhone 5 for only $126!

Similar to the Walmart deal, Fry’s big iPhone 5 discount is only available in stores. They also have the 32GB and 64GB iPhone 5 on sale for $226 and $326 respectively.



Source: Fry’s

Via: DealNews

  • VirtualVisitor

    What’s the catch? Limited stock? Long contract?

  • SevanGrim

    i assume the price cut comes with some form of contract? all the website’s just kinda say “come to the store”…