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Tim Cook Reveals His Love For Virtual Keyboards On NBC’s Rock Center [Video]


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NBC has sent us a teaser clip from the show’s upcoming interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook. The exclusive segment with Brian Williams and Cook will air tonight at 10 P.M. Eastern/ 9 P.M Central on Rock Center.

In the one minute clip, Cook praises the iOS virtual keyboard and admits that he has “ditched physical keyboards” in favor of his iPhone and iPad.

At least part of the interview is shot in Apple’s flagship store in Grand Central Station, New York City. It looks like Cook’s discussion with Williams will shed some light on the personal habits and opinions of Apple’s CEO, and hopefully we’ll get to hear some juicy tidbits from Cook about the company itself.

This is going to be a must watch for any Apple fan. Be sure to tune in tonight to NBC.

Update: There’s also a second teaser clip in which Cook remembers Steve Jobs:

Source: Rock Center