U.K.’s Only 4G Network Now Offering Subsidized iPad Mini LTE For Just £50



Looking to get an iPad mini with super-speedy LTE access ridiculously cheap? If you’re in the United Kingdom, then you’re in luck. EE, the U.K.’s first and only 4G network, is now offering Apple’s new tablet subsidized for just £50 (approx. $81) — providing you’re happy to sign up for a new two-year agreement at £36 (approx. $58) per month.

That looks cheap, of course, until you realize that over the two-year period, you actually end up paying just under £482 (approx. $777). However, if you were planning to pay monthly for 4G access anyway, the £50 up-front fee for the 16GB Wi-Fi + LTE iPad mini (£100 for 32GB) looks very attractive.

With that, you get 8GB of 4G data every month. If you don’t need that much data, there are cheaper plans — you can get 5GB for £31 (approx. $50) per month, and 3GB for £26 (approx. $42) per month — but they require you to pay more for the iPad mini up-front.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to be tied into a two-year contract, you can pay full price to buy the iPad mini LTE outright and use EE’s SIM-only plan. That’s priced at £16 (approx. $26) per month, and it gives you 5GB of data, with the first month free. That’s on a rolling contract that can be canceled any time you wish.

Source: EE

Via: SlashGear

  • theKingCat

    Or alternatively you could get one on the Three network (three.co.uk), for £59, the contract includes 15gb of data and is only £29 PER month.

  • gethin

    It would be £914 for the two years, you worked it out at a year.