The PopSLATE Case Adds An Additional 4-Inch Display To Your iPhone 5


Just some of the things you can use a popSLATE case for.
Just some of the things you can use a popSLATE case for.

Apple increased the iPhone’s screen size for the first time when it launched the iPhone 5, giving users an additional 0.5 inches worth of Retina display. If that’s still not enough for you, don’t think you’ll have to give up on iOS and turn to Android; pick up the popSLATE case instead and add an addition 4-inch display to your iPhone 5.

With the popSLATE installed on your iPhone, you get an additional 4-inch e-ink display — like those in Amazon’s Kindle (which can be read in sunlight) — on the back of your device. It’ll display any image you send to it, either one-by-one or as a slideshow, and you can double-tap the screen to flick through them.

The creators of the popSLATE will also be releasing an open API, which will allow third-party developers to build “always-on” applications which can be displayed on the back of your iPhone. Imagine having sports scores, notes, your calendar, and more at a glance.

The display only uses power when it’s changing images, so it never goes to sleep. When the battery does die, you can use your iPhone 5’s Lightning connector to charge it up again. And don’t worry about breaking the popSLATE; it promises to be just as rugged as any other iPhone case. “In fact, the screen is nearly indestructible,” its makers claim.

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Before you can get your hands on one, however, popSLATE needs funding. It’s currently on Indiegogo and looking for backers. You can contribute between $5 and $6,900, but any contribution above $99 will get you a popSLATE as soon as they begin shipping.

PopSLATE has already raised nearly $109,000 of its $150,000 goal, and it still has 43 days left to run.

Source: Indiegogo