Foldify: Design And Print 3-D Papercraft Models From Your iPad



I love everything about Foldify, except that fact that it isn’t available yet. I love the name, the promo video, the only-possible-on-an-iPad interface, and even the icon (or maybe, especially the icon). Foldify is an app that lets you design and print 3-D papercraft models, but that description makes it sound a lot lamer than it really is.

As you doubtless already saw (or will see right now) in the video above, Foldify is a way to create a 3-D paper sculpture in your iPad’s virtual space, adding various graphic elements and coloring the thing in before printing. You work on the flat net of the model, and the 3-D result is shown off to the side. Just as a way of learning how 2-D nets maps to 3-D models, this is pretty fantastic.

Once done, you don’t need to send this off into the ether and wait for the mail man to show up later. Instead you just print right from the app using AirPrint, then grab a pair of scissors and a tube of glue. It’s like CAD for fun.

Papercraft is pretty addictive. I once printed out a papercraft Transformer and spent the best part of a day cutting, folding and pasting. But making your own from scratch? That’s golden. And it’s also the source of some super-cheap Christmas gifts.

Source: Foldify