Apple’s Messages Beta Program For OS X Lion Ends December 14th


Screen Shot 2012-11-16 at 4.54.04 PM

Apple has just sent out the following Email to OS X Lion users, alerting them that the Messages Beta program for OS X Lion will end on December 14th. Messages for Mac, originally launched as a beta application before the release of OS X Mountain Lion, was available for free to users until it officially launched as part of 10.8 in summer.

If you’re still on Lion, you’ll have until December 14th to update to Mountain Lion, when Messages will expire. At only $19, it’s really a no-brainer if you haven’t updated yet.

Thanks: Riley

  • Spiddlydot

    This is most annoying. I have an iMac from 2006 and is incompatible with Mountain Lion. I am waiting for the new iMac to be released, but latest rumors suggest these could be delayed beyond December. If this is the case – Not fair.

  • Ianu

    Incredible… another option blocked just to force users to buy a new OS (and for many that implies change of computer). That’s the new way?

    1.- I was forced to install Lion because SNow Leopard (more fluid and stable in almost all its features) does not have compatibility with iCloud (while Windows XP has it). When Mountain Lion was announced, I felt happy, because Lion is all but optimized, but…
    2.- …Apple decided keep out Mountain Lion from my Mac Pro 1.1

    3.- Recently I have noticed that some Apps have been lost its compatibility with my iPod Touch 2nd gen. That include iBooks and Remote, both perfectly working on previous versions…

    Definitely, this is not the Apple I met years ago…

  • JorgeMaat

    NOOOO!!!! I have a 2008 MacBook and can’t upgrade. Why?!

  • BreinVanMartijn

    For some reason I got this message from Apple in Japanese. (I can tell by the layout.) Good to know what it actually says.

  • qaeb

    this is called “planned obsolescence”.