Your iPhone Is A Digital Suitcase, And This Case Makes It Look Like One



Back in the good old days of the 20th Century, a person’s edge-beaten leather suitcase might be the accessory they traveled with the most, with which they had visited the most exotic of foreign, jasmine-scented climes, and it would be covered with stickers of all the places they’d visited.

These days, people don’t have as personal of a connection with their suitcases, and showing someone you’ve been somewhere is usually done by checking-in on Foursquare. Your iPhone is the accessory you’re most likely to travel the world with, which is why I love the iPhone (Suit)Case, a conceptual iPhone case by Dallas illustrators / artists David Soames and Dustin Taylor that makes your iPhone look like a miniature suitcase.

Sadly, it’s just a concept right now, but voting’s open on Threadless to turn this product into a reality. Hopefully one made with real leather.

Source: Threadless
Via: Laughing Squid

  • yonan32

    um, skeuomorphism?