Scott Forstall’s Official New Title Is ‘Special Advisor To The Chief Executive Officer’


Scott Forstall. Photo: Apple
Scott Forstall. Photo: Apple

Now that fiscal 2012 is over, Apple has filed its year-end 10k document to the SEC that contains a trove of financial data. Also contained in the filing is an item that contains information about Scott Forstall’s new role.

Forstall was removed as Senior Vice President of Mobile Software on Monday but will be stay at till 2013 in a special role under Tim Cook too keep him from jumping ship to a competitor. Forstall’s new official title is “Special Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer.”

Here’s the exact info from Apple’s 10-k filing:

“Item 9B. Other Information

Effective October 29, 2012, Scott Forstall, the Company’s Senior Vice President of Mobile Software, has transitioned from that position into a new role as Special Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer.”

While Apple most likely won’t give the public specific details of Forstall’s status with Apple. more information about his role in the company and the financials of his severance with Apple will probably be revealed in future SEC filings.

Source: SEC