Apple officially adds services to business strategy


App Store
Services like the App Store are a huge money maker.
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Apple execs pay dearly for 2016’s failures


Tim Cook
Apple named in another top tech list.
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Apple CEO Tim Cook received less pay in 2016 as a result of the company missing revenue and profit goals.

In a new filing with the SEC, Apple revealed that other top executives also got less compensation for 2016 as well. Cook only took home $8.7 million last year after being paid $10.2 million in in 2015.

Apple revs up R&D spending amid iCar rumors


Apple's Car
Apple Car might be coming, but will it be special?
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Apple may have reached peak iPhone this quarter after posting declining revenues for the first time since 2003, but rest assured the company is working on the next big thing. 

Tim Cook boasted about the amazingly innovative products coming down Apple’s pipeline, and the company’s latest spending figures show its throwing more money than ever at new ideas. 

Investors think Apple isn’t greening quickly enough


Apple Campus 2 will be one of the 'greenest' buildings in Silicon Valley.
Apple Campus 2 will be one of the "greenest" buildings in Silicon Valley.
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Apple is known as one of the most environmentally conscious companies in the world, but some shareholders think the company needs to to a lot more if it hopes to meet the aggressive goals set by the Paris Agreement last year.

Boston-based investment firm Jantz Management has filed a resolution for Apple shareholders that would request that the Board of Directors reveal on plan to shareholders by June 2016 on how Apple plans to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emission status for its facilities and major suppliers by 2030.

Tim Cook only made $10.3 million last year


Tim Cook was ranked the nation's top CEO by ExecRank.
Don't worry, he's still rich.
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Apple CEO Tim Cook made approximately $10.3 million in 2015 — $10,281,327 to be exact. That is up only a tad from the $9.2 million he earned in 2014. The other executives at Apple all made around $25 million each for the year. Sure, it’s rough to place the word “only” in front of a ten million dollar check, but in Cook’s case, he is making significantly less than the other execs.

$1.7 billion of Apple’s revenue last quarter came from Apple Watch


Apple Watch is a killer device, even without a
The Apple Watch isn't a bad little earner for Cupertino.
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When it comes to revealing Apple Watch sales figures, Apple has kept its lips more tightly sealed than a swimmer in a sewage tank.

One of the ways it’s done this is hiding the Apple Watch numbers under the “other products” category in its SEC filings — alongside the iPod, Apple TV, Beats Electronics, and assorted accessories.

That doesn’t mean we can’t gauge something from looking at Apple’s new U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission documents, though. And despite keeping hush-hush about it, it seems the Apple Watch isn’t doing too badly for Apple at all.

Apple To Respond To Greenlight Capital Suit This Coming Wednesday [Report]


Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 4.14.59 PM

Greenlight Capital is suing Apple in an effort to get Apple to send back more of its $137 billion cash reserves in the form of shareholder dividends. Apple took this fairly seriously, and issued a press release explaining where they were at on the issue, including the fact that the Cupertino-based company has already given shareholders $10 billion of a planned $45 billion in cash.

Today, however, a judge in the US Court for the Southern District of New York approved a request by both parties in the suit to move the timetable for a response, with Apple planning to file by the end of the day this coming Wednesday, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

Apple’s SEC Filing Reveals Tim Cook’s 2012 Compensation & Pay Raises In Wake Of Scott Forstall Departure



Back from the holidays, Apple has just filed a preliminary proxy statement with the SEC today in preparation for its annual shareholder meeting in 2013. It’s filled with a lot of insight into the inner workings of our favorite company, and while the biggest news is probably Tim Cook’s remuneration for 2012, there are also other interesting tidbits, including Apple’s resistance to the idea of the appointment of a Board Committe on Human Rights, and the fact that Scott Forstall’s departure lead to a pay raise for the rest of Apple’s executive team.

Scott Forstall’s Official New Title Is ‘Special Advisor To The Chief Executive Officer’


Scott Forstall. Photo: Apple
Scott Forstall. Photo: Apple

Now that fiscal 2012 is over, Apple has filed its year-end 10k document to the SEC that contains a trove of financial data. Also contained in the filing is an item that contains information about Scott Forstall’s new role.

Forstall was removed as Senior Vice President of Mobile Software on Monday but will be stay at till 2013 in a special role under Tim Cook too keep him from jumping ship to a competitor. Forstall’s new official title is “Special Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer.”

Here’s the exact info from Apple’s 10-k filing: