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Apple Details 4th Gen iPad, iPad mini In New Set Of Technical Drawings



While several iPad case manufacturers have already announced iPad mini and iPad 4th generation cases since the product reveals yesterday in San Francisco, Apple has today posted several high-resolution technical drawings of each of the new tablet computers to its developer website, on a page titled, “Designing Cases for iPod, iPhone, and iPad.”

There are linked PDF documents for every model of iPad, as well as iPhone and iPod. The PDF we downloaded was very high resolution, 5106 X 3306, 150 dpi image, when we converted it from PDF to jpeg. These drawings should help case makers design cases witha n even higher design tolerance. As we reported yesterday, none of them are allowed a look at the device or drawings of this nature until after the device is announced.

The Wi-Fi iPad 4th generation and iPad mini announced yesterday will be available for pre-order this Friday, October 26, and are expected to become available in retail stores by Nov 2. For a Wi-Fi plus cellular date iPad, either size, Apple is saying we’ll have to wait until Mid-November.

While the drawings don’t give us any new information, they sure are interesting to look at. For case and other accessory makers, they’re sure to be near-indispensably valuable.

Source: Apple Developer
Via: Apple Insider