Intriguing Timing Of Sharp Announcement Suggests The iPad Mini Might Have New IGZO Display


Will the iPad mini become the first iOS device with an IGZO display?
Will the iPad mini become the first iOS device with an IGZO display?

Sharp has been hard at work on a new display technology known as IGZO which looks set to be a perfect solution for mobile devices. Not only does it offer higher touch sensitivity, but it’s so energy efficient it can triple the battery life of devices. We’ve been expecting Apple to use IGZO displays for some time, but reports have suggested that Sharp simply cannot make them quick enough to meet the demand of Apple’s consumers. However, it seems that’s all changed.

Just hours ahead of Apple’s iPad mini event in San Jose, Sharp has announced that it soon expects sales of its IGZO displays to surge.

Sharp executive Masami Ohbatake told reporters in Tokyo today that other devices with IGZO displays would soon be added to those that already utilize the technology.

While Ohbatake didn’t mention what those devices may be, his decision to speak out just before Apple kicks of its iPad mini event has sparked speculation that the tablet’s rumored 7.85-inch display will be a Sharp one.

Sharp has announced two devices with IGZO technology to date, including a smartphone and a tablet. The latter employs a 7-inch 1280×800 IGZO panel, while the former boasts a two-day battery life in between charges. Sharp will also begin selling a 10-inch tablet in December, which promises to play continuous video for ten hours without recharging.

Sharp already works Apple, producing displays for its 9.7-inch iPad and other devices. So, given the benefits of IGZO technology, Apple’s switch seems like an inevitable one at some point. Whether it will come with the iPad mini remains to be seen, but we’ll find out in just a few hours time.

Via: Macworld