Apple Said To Be Testing iOS 6.0.1 For Release Within Weeks, iOS 6.1 Coming After Holidays [Rumor]


Look out for an iOS update soon.
Look out for an iOS update soon.

While it introduced a stack of great new features, iOS 6 also brought a few bugs to our iOS devices this summer. Users have reported problems with Wi-Fi, iPhone 5 display glitches, and more. But Apple could be preparing to fix those before it starts its holiday celebrations.

According to one report, the Cupertino company is currently testing iOS 6.0.1 for a release within the coming weeks, while iOS 6.1 will arrive after the holidays.

Boy Genius Report cites a “reliable” source who claims Apple has now begin its testing of iOS 6.0.1 with different carriers partners in the United States.

In addition to fixing the iPhone 5’s screen glitch, which displays horizontal lines across the display at random, the update is expected to fix a problem that prevents the camera flash from going off, improve Wi-Fi support, and fix a problem plaguing cellular data in some cases.

It will also add a consolidated data switch for iTunes Match, fix a bug that allowed access to Passbook pass details from the lock screen, and quash a bug that caused Exchange meetings to be cancelled unexpectedly for the entire invite group, according to the report.

In addition to this, Apple is said to be testing iOS 6.1, too. It’s “extremely unlikely” it will ship with the new iPad mini next month, the report notes, but is expected to arrive after the holidays instead.

Registered developers are yet to see any beta releases for these updates.

Source: Boy Genius Report

  • technochick

    Given the wifi and cell data issues it needs to be itching days, not weeks
    I’m sure AT&T etc would like to stop having calls from customers angry about hundreds of dollars in overages when they were at home allegedly (ie according to the iPhone) on wifi

  • keir_john

    Scott Forstall should be embarrassed by what a mess 6.0 is. It’s by far the worst iOS release since the iPhone’s inception. Too bad Jobs isn’t still around to walk down to Scott’s office and tell him he’s crap.

  • conscience

    When are ‘the holidays’? International audience here.

  • MWinNYC

    Good. I hope they do something to fix the poor battery life on iPhone 5 that many of us are experiencing.