Retina-Ready Wallpaper Version Of iPad Mini Event Invite



IMore’s Apple supremo Rene Ritchie has rustled up this rather stunning wallpaper featuring the artwork for Apple’s just-announced iPad mini event. And not only is it rendered text-free for distraction-free backdropping purposes, but it’s retina-ized for your hi-res iPad pleasure.

Installing the image as a background on your iPad is easy: just tap the picture (over at the iMore site), wait for the big version to load and save it to your camera roll. From there, use one of the two standard methods for setting it as your home-screen wallpaper (hint: you can do it either from the Settings app or from the Photos app).

And don’t worry: this isn’t just some low-res picture upscaled to use all twelve zillion of the iPad’s pixels — Rene has rebuilt the picture using photoshop to really shine on your retina display.

Source: iMore