Nikon Announces 24MP D600, The Cheapest, Smallest Full-Frame Camera Ever


D600. Like the D700, only 100 less.



Nikon’s hot new D600 is the smallest (and probably cheapest) full-frame DSLR around. Launched today, it goes on sale on Tuesday 18th September (next week) for a bargain-basement $2,100. And while it’s no replacement for the amazing D700, it’s the beginning of a trend that will see all crop-sensor SLRs replaced by full-framers in a few years.

The specs:

  • 24.3-megapixel FX-Format CMOS sensor
  • ISO range from 100-6400
  • 39 point AF system
  • 5.5 fps shooting with full AF
  • 100%-coverage viewfinder
  • 1080p video
  • 3.2-inch 921,000-dot LCD

As you can see, it’s very impressive, but not particularly revolutionary in anything but price. And size (the body is close to the D700 in size). The maximum ISO is the same as the previous generation of full-frame Nikons, and the pixel count equals or beats any other full-frame body out there except Nikon’s own D800 (with an absurd 36MP sensor).

Sure, the body has been built to a price, but that’s the point. It might say $2,100 on the price list, but that’s the RRP. I picked up my old D700 for around €500 less than full retail, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the D600 sells for a good chunk under $2,000 in real life.

The camera brings some nice modern touches, too. There’s a headphone jack for sound monitoring while shooting video, and with an add-on accessory you can also control the D600 with your Android phone or iPhone. You also get 2 SD card slots, and of course compatibility with Nikon’s excellent CLS flash system.

If I ever picked up an actual camera these days, I might be tempted…

Source: Nikon

Thanks: Geoff!