iCloud Outage Leaves Users Without Mail For Second Day


Will iCloud be fixed before Apple's big keynote begins?
Will iCloud be fixed before Apple's big keynote begins?

An iCloud outage affecting Apple’s Mail service is now leaving users without email for the second day. Apple has acknowledged that access to the service is “slow or unavailable,” but the number of users affected continues to rise, and there’s little sign that a fix is on its way.

Apple has promised that the service will be restored as soon as possible, but the number of users who are without Mail as a result of the outage has risen from 0.17% to 1.1% since the problem occurred on Tuesday.

Of course, with its iPhone 5 event just hours away, the outage comes at a bad time for Apple — even if it is affecting only a small number of iCloud users. The Cupertino company will be announcing the iPhone 5 and a new iPod touch, both of which will feature a number of services that will be dependent on iCloud.

Via: iPodNN

  • Koban4max

    Well…that’s apple. I guess “it doesn’t work” when it should of been, “It just works.”

  • ddevito

    Apple knows hardware, is decent at software, but sucks at cloud services.

    The future belongs to Google and Amazon.

  • bryancohen1

    1.1 percent may be a small PERCENTAGE of users, but it’s not a small number. It still equates to about 1.65 million accounts.