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Two Awesome WordPress Themes For $29 [Deals]


WordPress Themes

I love these WordPress theme deals. Why? Well, because I’m a theme junkie. Even if I don’t get a particular theme deal, I love knowing about and checking out the various WP theme foundries that are out there. Always good to have a few smaller foundries in your back pocket, IMHO.

Today we have a deal for Themify. Nice themes. Good styles. Nice layouts. And my favorite option: they support Child theming. Why is this important? Well, let me tell you…

My preferred way to adapt and modify WP themes is through the Parent-Child system. Essentially it works like this. The Parent theme defines everything required and is the source of everything (very much like how our biological parents gave us all our DNA), a Child theme is a modification of the parent, but only needs to define what is different. So a Child theme only needs to have a style.css file pointing to the Parent and WordPress will find the layout options required. For a Child theme you might only want to tweak the colors, fonts, or how images are handled. All that can be defined in the style sheet. One file, new look. Easy.

Now why do you want to go with this approach? Updates. Before Parent-Child came out if you wanted to modify a theme you worked on the source files for the theme. Which was awesome and we all did it, but when the theme was updated with new features or improvements we were kinda hooped. In order to update your modified theme you had to check a lot of files for what was new and remember what you changed from the original. In the Parent-Child system, since you’re not changing the Parent at all, when there are updates to the Parent the Child just inherits them automatically. If you made changes, they aren’t going to be over written or lost. Nice, neat, and tidy.

Which is why after checking out the Themify offerings I really like what they are doing. You get a couple of these themes and want to adapt on them, cool! Just create a child theme from the parent! This, folks, is the essence of flexibility.

Go check out the deal and if you’re interested in child themes, the WordPress codex has everything you need.