Could This Be The iPad Mini’s Screen? [Rumor]



Gizmodo has posted a photo today of what they claim to be the screen for the alleged iPad Mini we’ve been hearing so much about. Apparently, the screen is exactly 7.85 inches diagonally, which lines up with current expectations of the device.

Interestingly enough, the screen doesn’t have a standard 4:3 aspect ratio like the current iPad, although if recent rumors are to be believed, this very well might just be the case.

Gizmodo notes that iFixit’s Kyle Wiens has said that the screen could possibly be just ripped from another tablet, but at this point, it’s hard to tell. In fact, Gizmodo themselves are leaning on the side of caution with this photo, so it’s safe to say that it might not be all that legitimate.

What do you think?

Update: It’s been seemingly confirmed that the display is indeed only a Kindle Fire display

Source: Gizmodo 

  • mr_bee

    How can anyone answer the question when neither you nor Gizmodo tells us what the aspect ratio is other than “not 4:3”? Based on that limited info though, it probably is NOT the new iPad screen.

  • Alfred2612

    One fanboy’s speculation:

    Perhaps the new iPad mini will be 16:9 ratio — same as the new iPhones and iPod touches — and the screen will be exactly the same number of pixels as a retina iPhone, but of course the screen will be larger, so it will be a somewhat less dense per inch than the current iPad, but still be excellent.

    Therefore it would make sense for it to mainly be designed to run the same apps as on the iPhone and iPod touch (2:3 and soon to be 16:9), not iPad (4:3) apps. And also the iPhone apps have the larger interface buttons and stuff, more suited to a small tablet.

    So it may not be called an “iPad mini” at all, as that would imply it runs 4:3 iPad apps. It may be called an i-something-else-entirely. Something which sounds bigger than a Pod but smaller than a Pad.

    Or maybe not :)