Reminder: Facebook Integration Isn’t Coming In Mountain Lion Until Fall


No Facebook in Mountain Lion for you... yet.
No Facebook in Mountain Lion for you... yet.

A friendly reminder for those of you downloading Mountain Lion: Facebook integration will not be added until this fall. Apple has said that Facebook in OS X “will be available in an upcoming software update to Mountain Lion.” If you’ve been following the news, you know this already, but we thought it was worth reiterating today.

While we don’t know for sure why it’s taking longer to add Facebook to the mix, our gut tells us Apple’s deal with Facebook got a little more complicated than both parties expected. Facebook in Mountain Lion is currently being tested by developers. So it’s coming, but not right out of the gate.

This fall, OS X will be even more Facebook friendly. With built-in Facebook support, you can share what’s up with you right from the app you’re in. Post photos or links. Add comments and locations. Just sign in once, and you’re all set up. OS X adds your Facebook friends and their profile photos to Contacts so you can find them fast. When friends update their information on Facebook, it’s automatically updated on your Mac. Your Facebook notifications show up in Notification Center. And you can even update your status right from there.

Twitter integration is already present in Mountain Lion, and Facebook integration will work the same way. Facebook has been integrated in iOS 6, which will be released to the public this fall as well.

Source: Apple