Retina MacBook Pro Shipping Delay Improves For U.S. Customers


It's about time.
It's about time.

The shipping delay for the new MacBook Pro with Retina display has decreased for customers in the United States the first time since the notebook made its debut on June 11. What was once a 3-4 week wait has now decreased to 2-3 weeks.

It didn’t take long for shipping estimates to increase when the new MacBook Pro hit the Apple Online Store. I ordered my own machine less than 24 hours after Apple’s WWDC keynote — on June 12 — and I was already faced with a 3-4 week wait. In fact, mine still hasn’t been delivered, and isn’t expected to arrive until Monday, June 16.

That month-long delay has remained for almost five weeks, but the situation is now improving. Although the change has only appeared in the U.S. store, it is expected to rollout to other territories soon.

Source: Apple Online Store

Via: MacRumors

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    i think you ment july 16. :)
    Not june 16.