Cubedge Speaker Wants To Help With Your Love Life


Cubedge. Cube. Edge. Cabbage.



Cubedge might sound like a mis-pronunciation of “cabbage,” but it is in fact a contraction of the words “cube” and “edge.” Probably. What I know for sure is that it’s a Bluetooth speaker in the familiar mold of the JamBox and the Braven, that it will cost $150 when it ships in September, and that it is guaranteed to get you laid. At least, that what the pictures on the website seem to be promising.

I love this kind of portable speaker. I use them for music, watching movies on my iPad, and listening to podcasts. I also take them on trips and vacations, to picnics and parties, and (when I’m drunk) use one like a boombox for my bike.

Are you feeling lucky?


And the Cubedge looks like a decent new entry in this growing segment. It has a ten-hour battery life (similar to the JamBox), works over Bluetooth 3, can be used as a speakerphone as well as a speaker, and can even be paired with a clip-on solar panel so you never need to charge it.

Otherwise, it looks a lot like a JamBox, with a silicone shell, metal grille and buttons on the top. Only a testing will tell if the Cubedge is up there with its rivals, but then, that’s what we’re here for.

Source: Cabbage

Thanks: Kristen!