This Dev’s Apple Design Award Was Nearly Mistaken For A Terrorist Device By The TSA



In a post-9/11 environment, the TSA is suspicious of everything. Shoes. Bottles of water. What you look like underneath your clothes. Everything

So when Game Collage developer Juraj Hlaváč flew back from last week’s WWDC and was discovered with a mysterious black box in his backpack that resisted all attempts to be scanned by the airport’s security equipment, and mysteriously glowed to boot, the TSA quickly became suspicious.

Luckily, before it became cavity search suspicious, Hlaváč revealed the true nature of the black box in his bag: an Apple Design Award for his app, Bobo Explores Light.

Hlaváč describes the scene:

As I was heading back to Seattle from WWDC, I was only traveling with a small backpack. I bundled the Apple Design Award into a t-shirt when I packed that morning, shoved it into my backpack, and forgot all about it when I got the airport. The backpack went through the x-ray machine and showed up as containing a perfect, black square.

The guy watching the screen from the x-ray machine called for another guy, and another guy, and pretty soon there was small crowd scrutinizing the image. The backpack came out, I sheepishly admitted to being the owner, and I was taken aside. When the TSA folks pulled the cube from my bag, it glowed.

Whispers passed over the crowd. After I explained that the cube is from Apple, the security folks reverently placed the futuristic artifact into its own plastic bin and ran it again through the x-ray machine. This time, the other passengers got a glimpse of what the commotion was about and, once again, it was the glow of the cube readily visible as it entered and exited the x-ray machine that sent a wave of whispers through the sizable gathering.

Eventually, the cube made its way back into my bag, but the curious gazes kept coming. I suspect I will be reading about “intercepted alien technology of unknown origin or purpose” on the blogosphere soon. What can I say? Apple knows how to design their products.

He’s lucky all those TSA agents were Apple fans. If he’d gotten an Android hold-out, he might have found himself forcibly detained.

Source: GameCollage
Via: Mactrast

  • lwdesign1

    John: How about some additional information on the cube. What makes it glow? What is is made of? Your article is cute but since I’ve never been an Apple award winner, I have no idea what the fuss is about. You allude to the glow but provide no info on it.

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  • ksuyen

    Weapon of Mac Destruction.

    John: How about some additional information on the cube. What makes it glow? What is is made of?

    Made of vibranium and glows due to a miniature fusion reactor powered by palladium.

    Oh nice… It actually floats too due to aerodynamics force within the cube.

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