40 Free Fantastic Fonts [Deals]



There isn’t much I need to say about this deal. If you like fonts, if you’re addicted to fonts, or if you just like free stuff, then today’s deal is perfect for you—40 FREE Stylin’ Fonts. I picked up this deal myself earlier this week (just by happenstance) and I really dig a lot of these fonts. From funky to functional you have a great start for inspiring your text and designs. Even if you fine that one perfect font in this pack…you’re still rockin’ 39 other awesome fonts!

So just enjoy this little “thank you” from Cult of Mac.

  • brandoncozart

    hate to complain about something that was free, but i was very disappointed to find out that the fonts received in the offer are not the fonts in the display image above. smacks of false advertising.

  • PeteX

    Thanks guys – you just rock!

  • ppanah

    yeah you guys forgot that people have to sign up to their site before you can download. 

  • TImo

    if you want the fonts displayed in the image, go to http://www.dafont.com which is where all of them came from. they have every one of the fonts shown in the image (though they might be named something different), and they’re all free.

  • Garrette Baird

    FALSE ADVERTISING just get you to sign up!!!! Fonts shown are not the ones you get!!!

  • Clark Wallace

    The fonts shown in the image are actually available for free on DaFont, just sayin’.

  • at_drebies

    Can we get these on iOS or just OS?