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WriteThat.Name + HistoRecall Tackle Your Address Book [Last Chance!]


WriteThatname + HistoRecall - Cult of Mac Deals

I’m betting your address book is a royal mess. It doesn’t take long for it to happen, really. Sync in gmail contacts, then iCloud, then that CSV of leads from your CRM… You get the idea and you feel the pain, so let’s take some of the pain out of it.

Today’s deal is WriteThatName and for $20 (half off) you get a year’s subscription of intelligent, automagic address book management. Thought that might grab you, read on…

Tired of Manually Entering your Contacts Yourself?

That can all change thanks to WriteThatname, a Gmail and Google Apps service that keeps your contacts’ details 100% up-to-date, and all this WITHOUT AN OUNCE of effort on your side.

With this EXCLUSIVE offer you’re going to get a ONE (1) year PREMIUM subscription to WriteThatname and will also receive HistoRecall, a powerful extra feature that scans the last year of your email exchanges and updates all of the contacts you never had the time to do yourself for ONLY $20!

WriteThatname Top Features:

  • Address Book Updates: It analyzes the contents of your email messages and we detect new contacts or updated details.
  • HistoRecall: It generates a new address book from your old emails automatically!
  • Multi-Account: WriteThat.name can manage and aggregate several email accounts to update all of your contacts.
  • CRM Synchronization: The contacts of your CRM (HighRise) stay up-to-date thanks to WriteThat.name.
  • Dashboard: As soon as you sign up, you have a dashboard and a personal space to manage all your options.
  • Mobile Synchronization: All the changes made to your address book are of course available on your mobile.

One Year Premium Subscription + HistoRecall:

  • Automagically update your address book at will
  • Create unlimited contacts per month
  • Address book updated daily
  • Use for up to three different Gmail accounts
  • Extract contacts from all your old emails

Check out WriteThat.Name–HistoRecall Bundle now!