New iPhone To Get HD Front-Facing Camera, Improved 8MP Rear-Facing Camera [Rumor]


Think your iPhone 4S is great at taking photos? The new iPhone will be even better.
Think your iPhone 4S is great at taking photos? The new iPhone will be even better.

Recent rumors surrounding Apple’s next-generation iPhone have been largely focused on whether or not the device will get a bigger display and LTE connectivity, and what it will look like. But according to one analyst, we should also be talking about the handset’s front-facing camera, which is finally expected to become HD-capable for high-quality FaceTime calls.

Until now, the iPhone’s front-facing camera has been VGA quality, and while it’s better than no front-facing camera at all, the quality is just terrible. It’s certainly not good enough for the device’s high-resolution Retina display. However, Mingchi Kuo, an analyst with KGI, believes Apple is finally going to change that for the sixth-generation iPhone.

Kuo claims Apple will make “quite a few essential adjustments” to its next iPhone, including a front-facing camera capable of shooting HD video. Kuo also says the camera will be relocated slightly and positioned above the iPhone’s earpiece, rather than to the left of it — which is exactly what those purported iPhone 5 front panels have suggested.

In addition to this, Kuo reports that Apple will also make modifications to the new iPhone’s rear-facing camera. Although it will still be an 8-megapixel camera — just like the iPhone 4S — Apple is expected to improve its aperture range from f/2.4 to f/2.2. Its CCM will reportedly decrease from 6mm to just 5.5mm, and its TTL will also drop from 4.8mm to 4mm.

The camera will also be thinner than ever before, “making it the most challenging iPhone design yet,” Kuo says.

Source: AppleInsider