Here’s One Reason Why Mountain Lion Will Be Better Than Windows 8 [Humor]


Tough choices.

When you’re upgrading your PC to Windows 8 and can’t decide if you should keep nothing, or keep nothing, don’t worry, Windows 8 will help you decide.  At least that’s what happened when one person on Twitter upgraded their OS today. It’s probably just a small bug, but we’ll stick to Mountain Lion when it comes out.

Image: Jukka Eklund

Via: Steve Troughton-Smith

  • staticint

    Happened with me as well. It might not be a bug, but a problem with trying to upgrade from the Windows CP to Windows RP? That’s my guess.

  • jukkaeklund

    Thanks for sharing! And the name is Eklund.

  • Buster

    @jukkaeklund  Ooops. Sorry. Fixed it.

  • Swapnil Bhatnagar

    yeah n tht “one person” is me..!! i hate Windows!! 

  • Leonick91

    Yea, that’s when you upgrade from the consumer preview to the release preview. If you try the same from Windows 7 you’d have the options to keep personal data/settings and applications, just personal data/settings or nothing.

  • joewaylo

    I might be missing something from memory, but as I recall this happened before with Windows 7. Going from a Beta, RC to Win 7. They had to wipe the old version and revert to zero before installing.

  • Gwen Eams

    Beta issues.  Newsworthy?

    How do you the Apple fanbois get out of bed every day knowing that wonderboy is dead.

  • Andrew John

    Beta issues.  Newsworthy?

    How do you the Apple fanbois get out of bed every day knowing that wonderboy is dead.

    What a fucking stupid lowlife you are. Using the death of a person to troll. You sir, are a cunt. Remember that when can bare to look at yourself in the mirror.

    Without “wonder boy” asswipe your thieving hero Gates wouldn’t have had anything to steal when they were looking for a windows type OS. Enjoy your PC experience. You deserve it.

  • winh8

    That’s the only option and it is for the best. I remember had having to format C approx twice a year to keep than windows mess clean. You’r better off starting from scratch.

  • silentwill

    At least it informs you you only get to kerp nothing.

  • aepxc

    It happens if you go DP–> RP or CP –> RP (also happened for DP –> CP). Don’t know what the technical issue is, but MS warned that it would happen before they released DP, IIRC. You’re fine if you go from Win 7.

    The whole upgrade experience is nowhere near as nice as for SL or Lion, but the problem above is just for people faffing about with different versions of beta software.
  • Brandon Lee Robinson

    I had no issues, mine kept my settings, files, everything…