The Wrap: An Unbelievably Beautiful And Elegant Way To Manage Your iPhone Charger



Sometimes a good idea doesn’t have to be radical. It doesn’t have to have a $70,000 Kickstarter goal. Sometimes a good idea is just simplicity itself: easy to produce, affordable to own, beautifully designed and genuinely useful.

That’s what makes our eyes pop about The Wrap. Designed by Michiel Cornelissen, the Wrap is a simple plug that fits on the USB end of a European iPhone wall charger. Thread your 30-pin dock connector cable through The Wrap and you can easily wrap the whole cord around it. That’s it. Just EUR 9.95.

I love this. It’s just beautifully useful and wonderfully understated. And while The Wall is Europe-only for now, Cornelissen says that if 100 people email him saying they want a US version, he’ll make one. Get clamoring, people.

Source: Michiel Cornelissen

  • David Robison

    I love this, but given the chunkiness of the US adaptor, I don’t think it would work nearly as well. For instance, packing it into my travel bags would be tougher.

  • JenniferSilver

    Wow – gorgeous!!! Just added it on myList!

  • christian .ryan

    elegant + wonderfully simple design… and easily replicated with 15
    minutes of SketchUp and a quick 3D print.  in fact, I think something
    like this is the perfect excuse for anyone that’s been procrastinating
    on learning 3D modeling.

  • seaaalex

    I really liked this and wanted to buy one for my euro charger, until I went to his site and saw he wanted $10.- That’s a little bit steep for something that probably cost less the 25 cents to manufacture.