PowerMac G5 Evolves Into Next Generation Macquarium



The Macquarium has been around for decades, starting as a project to make use of old compact Mac cases. Subsequent iterations have seen many different variations – beige Performas, G3 iMacs, G4 Cubes, etc.. But this latest iteration is unique, and probably has the best structural integrity of them all.

Steve Shaw recently created his Macquarium from a PowerMac G5 case (mislabeled as a Mac Pro in the video), elbow grease and some powertools. He did a nice job, bright and airy. I love the Apple logo in the rear and overall industrial look. And the totem head.

Next up we need a Siamese fighting fish in a Mac Mini…

Source: Gizmodo

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3 responses to “PowerMac G5 Evolves Into Next Generation Macquarium”

  1. henrymaxm says:

    Love it! :)

  2. Craig Stark says:

    If I was a fish … this is where I would live!!

  3. Loey A. Elhai says:

    And i must ask if this is the end of apple products !?

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