Why The Next Version Of OS X After Mountain Lion Won’t Be Named After A Cat



Up until Mountain Lion, OS X’s “Cat” codenames kept on evolving from Cheetah to Puma to Jaguar to Panther to Tiger to Leopard. Once Lion hit, it seemed Apple had peaked, with no bigger lions to choose from, but then Cupertino surprised everyone with Mountain Lion.

Where to next, then? As the brilliant webcomic XKCD makes clear, there’s not a lot of good cat names yet, once you count out code names that have already been tech products, like Lynx or Ocelot. OS X Housecat? Please.

I’ll take OS X Saber-Toothed Jungle Cat though. Yes please.

Source: XKCD
Via: Gizmodo]

  • jabloggy

    OSX Mr. Meowington?

  • Fernando Teixeira


  • mr_bee

    I love XKCD but this is a bit inaccurate.  

    A Cougar and a Mountain Lion are the exact same beast.  As are Jaguars and Leopards. 
    Once you bring that into it, it’s clear that Apple is not above using the same beast multiple times but using different colloquial monikers for same.  That means the number of cat names left is actually more like a dozen or so at least.  
    It further assumes that they won’t get into using made up cat names like “Wildcat.” 
  • GuidaiPad

    OS X Longcat

  • Jackie Arns-Rossi

    OS X Calico.

    Because if you have never seen a pissed off calico, you have no idea what fear is.
  • Thomas Kaarup


  • marsk

    OSX Hello Kitty ^_^

  • marsk

    OSX Hello Kitty ^_^

  • snarfblat

    OSX Tabby would be great. :)

  • John Wright

    OS X Thundercat

  • mbconwell

    Obviously, they need to make a future version named:  OS X Clouded Leopard

  • boostfd

    OSX Pussy

  • Cassio Magalhaes

    OS X Lion King then upgrading to OS X Hakuna Matata

  • thegraphicmac

    OS X SaberTooth could work… but I’m bored with the cat code names. Time for them to come up with a new theme

  • Czech_Boy

  • ApplePr0n

    Liger would be hilarious haha

  • joewaylo

    Tiglon, White Lion, White Tiger

  • joewaylo

     Thundercats hoah! Oh wait. That’s taken by the Cartoon Network.

    OS X Thundercat

  • baby_Twitty

    Yep. Your eyes are not lying to you.

    Welcome to Mac OSX Hello Kitty.

    Which will be followed by…

  • Bob BRent

    >Thomas Kaarup

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    Thomas, thanks for suggesting my namesake, but you forgot my Cousin Tom… Cat. 


  • MaxTremors

    Jaguars and Leopards are not the same. They are two different species.

  • Macnetar

    OS X Liger. What’s a liger?
    It’s pretty much my favorite animal. It’s like a lion and a tiger mixed… bred for its skills in magic.

  • Max66

    I would call the next one: “Sea Lion” which would allow Apple to change
    from cats to sea creatures. This would also likely coincide with the
    OSX/iOS “merge”

  • Modernmario

    LOL guys Apple actually gives us hints in OSX of what the new operating sustem’s name will be… with every release, if you go check the given desktop images, in system preferences (there where you change your screensaver) under you’ll see the animals, currently in Lion you’ll see an Elephant and a Zebra… I’m sure Apple is going to go the BIG FIVE route from now on i.e. OSX Zebra, OSX Elephant, OSX Rhino, OSX White Rhino, OSX Black Rhino. It’s been like that since Tiger with each upgrade if you check the desktop images the current animal falls away and get replaced with the up and coming animal… I would know I worked for Apple….   

  • Stuart_Gordon

    I suspect it will be Lynx, but I have another suggestion. A long shot, but inspired by a comment I read on a Macworld comment.

    Check it out on my blog and let me know what you think :)


  • rahulbsb

    Considering that they wud continue with cat naming convention, there is huge chance for OS X 10.9 to be named as OS X Liger…A Liger has the best of both worlds i.e. a Lion and a Tiger..
    Otherwise they cud call it OS X Smilodon.. Its an extinct ice-age ferocious cat. A Smilodon is a specific type of Saber-tooth.

  • Boom Bit_cuh

    OS X Mavericks? It would be a great name.