Does This Mysterious New Apple Icon Point To Future iCloud Developer Tools?


Apple's mysterious new iCloud icon
Apple's mysterious new iCloud icon

Earlier today we showed you that Apple was working on bringing the iOS Notes and Reminders apps to, and Apple has since removed the evidence from After others have dug around to see what Apple is up to with its iCloud beta URL, an interesting find shows a new iCloud developer icon.

It looks like Apple is working on new iCloud developer tools or at the very least some sort of web portal for devs to access beta iCloud features. Will we see new iCloud features at WWDC this summer?

Designer and developer Jake Lazaroff discovered the above icon behind the login window. “The icon shares the blueprint style of the icon for Xcode, Apple’s suite of tools for creating OS X and iOS app,” noted Lazaroff. “Perhaps Apple is working on iCloud integration for their developer tools?”

9to5Mac also found references to iOS 6 in the site’s source code that indicate Apple’s future requirements for developers to install iOS 6 before accessing the iCloud beta site. Apple is widely expected to unveil iOS 6 at WWDC in June. The software is expected to have a new Maps app that will “blow your head off.”

Source: SlideToLock Via: MacStories

  • InternDom

    Got this screenshot earlier today. Didn’t think much of it
    until we heard about the Tools icon.

  • thegraphicmac

    If you had a developer account, you would know what the icon is…

  • InternDom

    If you had a developer account, you would know what the icon is…

    I definitely know what the icon is, but I didn’t see the icon as it was hiding behind the developer login form (the screenshot i took). I never though to use Inspector to hide the top layer… lol beat me to it!

  • Johan Rolwen

    Looks like ‘Documents in the Cloud’ icon shown in last year’s WWDC, if you ask me. 

  • ApplePr0n

    Oooh too bad I can’t develop anything cuz I gotz no skillz