A 20-Something Steve Jobs Created The Inspiration Behind Cult Of Mac’s New Graphic Tee



Before taking the reigns of the team building the Apple Macintosh, Steve Jobs poured his heart into another lesser known machine: Apple’s Lisa.

Don’t remember Lisa? You’re not alone. Her $10,000 price tag secured her place as one of Apple’s most epic failures, and Steve’s next project, the Macintosh, got all the fame and glory.

But we loved Lisa’s vintagy good-looks and double disk drives! So we partnered with Seattle indie brand Might Tees to bring her boxy appeal back on our new In Love With Lisa graphic tee.

This new tee is finely crafted right here in the beautiful USA, ships worldwide, and is available right now over at MightTees.com – get one!

  • mr_bee

    It’s so embarrassing that you guys allow this kind of cheap shallow hawking of merchandise on your site. And not even good or relevant merchandising.

    Just a crappy ripped off clip-art image from 20 years ago stuck on a cafe express T-shirt.

    Shameful, embarrassing, stupid, & ugly.

  • Jairo Gomez

    i already bought 5 :)