Your Favorite iPad 2 Case Will Almost Definitely Fit The New iPad


Apple says that all iPad 2 cases will fit the new iPad.

If you’re waiting for your new iPad to arrive, you might be wondering about cases. The difference in the thickness between an iPad 2 and an iPad 3 is only about half a millimeter: is that enough to mean you need to buy a new case?

After putting our new iPad through its paces, we’re happy to say that it will probably be a very rare thing indeed for a case to be incompatible with the new iPad.

We get sent a lot of cases here at Cult of Mac, so the first thing we did when we brought our new iPad home was start trying to see which iPad 2 cases still fit.

The answer? All of them. Not only folio and sleeve cases, but even back cover cases, which fit the iPad 2 as tight as a glove. Every single iPad 2 case we tried on our new iPad fit just fine.

Don’t want to take our word for it? When we were at the Apple Store this morning, all of the Apple employees on hand were telling new iPad customers that all iPad 2 cases fit the new iPad. Every single one of them.

So if you have a favorite case, don’t throw it away just yet. Looks like you’ll get to use it for another year at least.

  • Steve’nMary Pissocra

    My SwitchEasy™ case most definitely does not fit. I’d already ordered a new one from Cyber Acoustics that has more give and will take shocks better.

  • iPlagiator

    what about smart cover?

  • walk0080

     Smart cover fits.

  • Jacques Perreault

    What case is pictured as the lead photo for this article?

  • JoshObra

    How about the protective shields on the back? Like InvisibileShield, Skinomi, BodyGuardz etc.

  • BazoDee

    Is that the CARA? I love my CARA and was about to run out to get one thinking it might fit -until I read your comment. 

  • Chris Fairbank

    Switcheasy Cover Buddy is a no go.  

  • Shravan Gupta

    anyone know if the incipio feather case fits?

  • David Mckreel

    The belkin shell case compatible with a smart cover does NOT fit

  • tobidashi

    My INVELLOP folio style case works, but the magnetic auto-lock/wake does not. Their customer service is offering replacements when they get it worked out or refunds as normal. Alternately you can get $6 back if you don’t care about the magnetic sensor incompatibility.

  • 4phun

    John, your staff missed the Griffin Survivor with two plastic clamshells with a thick rubber backing. At first blush it works but I can assure you it is incompatible with the 4G iPad 2012.

    First the two plastic halves do not snap together perfectly, there is sufficient pressure for one seam or the other to pop open slightly. This makes the final cushion not seal perfectly too. There will be a buckle in  the black material where the case popped open.

    Second the iPad 2012 charging port doesn’t exactly allow the Apple supplied cable to make a firm connection do to the molded hard plastic parts on the Survivor. Again they apply pressure to the plug so if you look at it wrong the  connection will fail and the iPad will stop charging. 

    My first thought was I got a bad Apple iPad but after looking at it carefully and taking the case apart again and again it became clear it was the Survivor’s flaw when used with Pad 2012.

    I can fix the case flaw with a dermal tool but after examining  the Black GumDrop at MicroCenter which is somewhat similar to the survivor but it has only a hard shell front with screen cover and the black ‘rubber’ backing it is more adaptable to the new iPad. I just went with the GumDrop. It looks nice on the iPad, adjusts to its thicker size, charges perfectly and provides most of the protection of the Griffin Survivor.

    The Griffin product IMHO is well made with few design flaws so it only needs to be reengineered for the new iPad. While Griffin is at it they need to look closely how the ‘rubber’ port tabs are designed so they will lock open  more efficiently on the iPad.

    Griffin makes fine cases for Apple’s products. They have produced some great videos of trying to destroy apple products in a Griffin Survivor type case. YouTube or the Griffin web site is your friend for viewing this collection of videos.


  • Tom

    I have two Enki backcovers that do not work. The Clamcase works, but with the iPad 2, there’s a lip and that goes away with the iPad 3. Plus there seems to be a bit more pressure on the tabs that keep the iPad in. This makes it a bit more difficult popping it in compared to the iPad2.

  • Acenna Portenzo

    Portenzo cases are a little snug. We recommend a new case for the iPad 3rd Gen.