These DODOcases Will Make Your New iPad Look Like A Stylish Book


Screen Shot 2012-03-13 at 11.03.48 PM

DODOcase makes some great iOS device accessories, but they’re most known for their series of unique iPad cases. Apple’s new iPad is arriving this Friday, and DODOcase has announced its new line of books cases for the magical tablet.

The Classic ($60), Essentials ($70), and Spring Summer ($80) lines are available for purchase now.

DODOcase’s original, award winning design (two time iPad Case of the Year) has been brought to Apple’s newest iPad for 2012.    Our classic black exterior Morrocan cloth matched with your choice of 4 linen interiors (Red, Sky Blue, Charcoal or Green) creates a timeless classic inspired by the artist journals of years gone by.   Manufactured, as always, in our San Francisco bookbindery and wood shop by true American craftsmen and women.

The Essentials line sports a bamboo tray and multicolor exterior cloth options. The Spring Summer line offers some flashy colors for the upcoming season, including Granite/Poppy, Meadow/Lake, Tahoe/Sunrise, and Sandy/Earth.

While not for everyone, the DODOcase is definitely something to consider for your new iPad.

  • Louie Schuth

    I’d really like one if it gave decent viewing angles.

  • v7da1

    google dodocase ipad 2 and theres heaps of angles
    Thanks COM! for posting this
    Just what i needed

  • Kevin Hunter

    The Bookbook is by far the better product, this one is pretty when new but I’ve heard the bamboo tray is pretty brittle. If you drop it you are screwed.

  • AZN8

    I have a Pad and Quill one that looks almost identical. (the logo is much more discrete)  I also have a matching one for my MacBook Air and iPhone. What I like about these cases, is that they look good sitting on a desk, bookshelf, coffee table, etc.  I love technology products as much as everyone else here, but sometimes, when you are cleaning up around the house, there isn’t an ideal place to put your portable electronics that looks good.  Now mine go on a bookshelf.  The house is cleaner, and I just hope I never get a house thief that likes to read. 

  • Patrick Gavin

    I love it too. No other case comes even close to BookBook. It is one of the best.

  • likethepear

    The only books worth reading are stylish books. 

  • David_Crake

    I’ve had a DODOcase for both my iPad and iPad 2, and I love them. They look great, they take wear pretty well, and now that they have a hole for the camera they’re almost perfect. (For what I need anyway, an outdoorsy person would probably disagree.)

    The bamboo can be a bit fragile, but both times I’ve dropped my iPad(s) in them from great heights the only thing that happened was a corner or two cracked. Easily fixed good as new with Gorilla Glue.