iPad 3 To Get New $99 AppleCare+ Warranty Covering Accidental Damage [Rumor]



Apple is set to introduce a new AppleCare+ warranty for its new iPad today that will cover owners for up to two incidents of accidental damage. The new plan is much the same as that introduced for the iPhone 4S back in October, and is set to cost $99 for two years of coverage.

Unlike its traditional AppleCare warranties, AppleCare+ covers accidental damage and provides piece of mind for those who tend to massacre their gadgets by dropping them on hard floors or feeding them their morning latte. It was first introduced to the iPhone 4S late last year, but sources for MacRumors claim it will also be available for the iPad later today.

The iPhone plan covers two incidents of accidental damage with a $49 deductible per incident and costs $99 for two years of cover, taking over from the existing $79 plan, which doesn’t cover accidental damage.

While accidental damage may be a more common issue with the iPhone, which we carry around in our pockets and purses all day long, I’m sure that protection for the iPad would be pretty popular. I’d certainly snap it up instantly.

  • Tony

    When i brought my iPhone i asked for the AppleCare+ at my phone retailer, they said they knew nothing about it. rang Apple up and found out that its only available in the US.

    why couldn’t it be available everywhere? 

  • jebworks

    That should be “peace” of mind as I’m sure you don’t intend to give me a “piece” of your mind!

  • CharliK

    There may be some legal issues they need to work out.

    As for this. I would say the AppleCare plus for the iPad is a given. Especially with the education push. The rumor part would be the plan price and service fee