Listen To Episode 1 Of Cult of Mac’s New Podcast, CultCast, Right Now On iTunes!



The rumors are true. Cult of Mac has been working hard on a podcast and it’s finally here for your listening pleasure. Episode one of Cult of Mac’s frosty new podcast, The CultCast, is ready for your listening pleasure. And if you subscribe right now, we’ll throw in our “Welcome to The CultCast!” episode absolutely FREE!

But wait, what is this CultCast, you ask? Why, it’s the best 30 minute conversation about Apple you’re going to hear all week long. Join Leander Kahney, Buster Heine, and me, Erfon Elijah, as we banter about all our favorite Apple news, gossip, products, and Cult of Mac stories. Get caught up on all the best things from the world of Apple in just 30 fun-filled minutes.

Sound good? Well, alright! We’ll be premiering new 30minute episodes every Thursday night. You can subscribe to The CultCast in iTunes and listen to our first full-length episode right now. After you’ve given it a listen we’d love to hear your thoughts. What did you like? What could we do better? Let us hear about it in the comments.

  • corbin jay fawver

    listening to it now, very good and funny. good job [=

  • Ole Kristian Dyskeland

    Think you can select AirPlay output by going to “System Preferences” -> “Sound” -> “Output”, and select your AiPlay device? :) 

    In Mountain Lion of course…

  • corbin jay fawver

    fricking funny ending =]

  • _iDunc

    listening on way to work :-)

  • webjac

    If you want to listen to the podcast not in iTunes but in any other Podcast RSS handler here’s your link:

    You’re welcome :)


  • sQeez

     Same downloaded it and played it in the car on the way to work :) Great stuff guys :)

  • erfon elijah

    thanks for the comments guys!  any “make it better this way” suggestions welcome too!

  • erfon elijah

    corbin, i see you found the easter egg *air high five*

  • Tony Davies

    Great podcast, subscribed. 

  • Adam

    Brilliant Podcast! Hope there is more to come soon!!

  • Mathias Johnsen

    Surprised to learn that Leander is so poorly articulated. Considering communicating is his job… But great talk anyways! Felt at home, so to speak. : )

  • ddevito

    how can I get this on my Android? No seriously

  • Harold Kelly

    Awesome job guys.  I subscribed for sure.  Sorta been waiting for this.  I fully expect a speedo shot as promised.

  • Buster

    we’re working on bringing it to Stitcher, but don’t have an ETA on when it will arrive

  • ddevito


  • jwilliamson1987

    Great podcast!!! I am anxious for the next one! I like hearing your opinions on applications. I am also super excited about notifications and had the SAME ISSUE with Growl!! I couldn’t get any notifications out of it. Thanks for the podcast!

  • jwilliamson1987

    Great podcast!!! Thank you. I like hearing your opinions on applications and experiences with the Mountain Lion. I also had the same issue with Growl, I wasn’t able to get ANY notifications! I can’t wait for the next episode! Thanks again!!!

  • jwilliamson1987

    Sorry, double post, I didn’t know it posted the first time

  • Miguel Oliveira

    Great podcast guys! Really funny and interesting! Can’t wait for the next one ;)