OS X Mountain Lion Will Be A Mac App Store Exclusive, Won’t Ship On USB Keys


Say goodbye to this.
Say goodbye to your little friend.

Were you one of the people who freaked out about OS X Lion not shipping on DVD? Did you get outraged that the cost of a OS X Lion USB thumb drive cost $69.00, more than double the price of Lion through the App Store? Well, prepare to be incensed, because when OS X Mountain Lion ships, it’ll be a Mac App Store exclusive. That means it won’t even ship on a thumb drive anymore.

Pocket-Lint reports:

Apple has confirmed to Pocket-lint though that its concerns weren’t justified with customers not remotely interested in the USB drive offering: “It was an interesting test, but it turns out the App Store was just fine for getting the new OS.

Considering the fact that most modern Macs have had their EFIs updated at this point to be able to restore Lion over the internet, and considering the fact that Lion is a prerequisite for Mountain Lion, I don’t really see the big deal.. especially if it’s as easy to make your own USB install disk as it was with Lion.