OS X Mountain Lion Will Be A Mac App Store Exclusive, Won’t Ship On USB Keys


Say goodbye to this.
Say goodbye to your little friend.

Were you one of the people who freaked out about OS X Lion not shipping on DVD? Did you get outraged that the cost of a OS X Lion USB thumb drive cost $69.00, more than double the price of Lion through the App Store? Well, prepare to be incensed, because when OS X Mountain Lion ships, it’ll be a Mac App Store exclusive. That means it won’t even ship on a thumb drive anymore.

Pocket-Lint reports:

Apple has confirmed to Pocket-lint though that its concerns weren’t justified with customers not remotely interested in the USB drive offering: “It was an interesting test, but it turns out the App Store was just fine for getting the new OS.

Considering the fact that most modern Macs have had their EFIs updated at this point to be able to restore Lion over the internet, and considering the fact that Lion is a prerequisite for Mountain Lion, I don’t really see the big deal.. especially if it’s as easy to make your own USB install disk as it was with Lion.

  • MatheusPereiraLima

    Ok, I understand that part, but as I do to put the Mountain Lion in a USB key and use it fora clean install of the OS? Someone?

  • gettysburg11s

    keep in mind that Apple hasn’t actually announced that it won’t be available on a USB key.  Even if they hinted that it won’t, they could change their mind by release day and issue it.  

  • MacRat

    More likely to be on an SD card as almost every Mac Mountain Lion supports has an SD slot.

  • trifero

    I doubt it 

  • Mike Rathjen

    If you have any Mac Pro, even one you buy today (or any other Mac that hasn’t had the EFI update), you can’t use Lion recovery.

    Even worse, if you have Leopard on that Mac Pro, you don’t have the app store.

    No problem, buy Snow Leopard on disc. Then install Snow Leopard. Except Snow Leopard doesn’t have the app store either, so do all the updates necessary for the app store, then download and install the app store. Now you’re ready to get Mountain Lion, right?

    But no, you can’t buy Mountain Lion yet. According to this article anyway, Lion is a prerequisite to Mountain Lion. So buy Lion from the app store. Download Lion. Install Lion.

    Now you can bring up the App Store again and buy Mountain Lion. Then download Mountain Lion, then install Mountain Lion.

    One trip to the store, three operating systems installed, two of which you didn’t want, and some other updates and downloads along the way. Oh, and if your hard drive dies before Apple ever releases that EFI for your Mac, you get to do it all over again.

    See? Super easy. Why would anyone ever want a disc?

  • Christopher Jr. Riley

    Actually, Snow Leopard received the Mac App Store starting with version 10.6.8. And Mountain Lion would most likely replace Lion once it’s released. So actually it’s this: 

    1) Install Snow Leopard;
    2) Update it;
    3) Go to Mac App Store and download Mountain Lion;
    4) Install Mountain Lion.

  • extra88

    Even though I don’t think it’s ever been a retail option, Apple has still made OS X Lion available on DVD for big customers like colleges and universities. I expect they’ll do the same with Mountain Lion.

  • Mike Rathjen

    According to this article, Lion is a prerequisite for Mountain Lion. I actually agree with you 100% though, most likely you won’t need Lion. It’s a Brownlee article after all.

  • Trevor Corbin

    17″ MacBook Pro’s don’t have a SD slot.  They have an ExpressCard/34 slot instead. However, every Mac sold does have a USB port.