Best Buy Knows Nothing About The “Apple HDTV” [Exclusive]



None of us expected the details Best Buy provided for the “Apple HDTV” in a customer survey to be accurate when they began circulating yesterday. But we went ahead and contacting the retailer anyway to try and establish what exactly it was playing at.

Just as we had suspected, Tim Cook did not reveal details of the new set to a Best Buy employee after a few too many Christmas drinks. In fact, the retailer made it all up for the survey, which has now been pulled. A Best Buy spokesperson confirmed to Cult of Mac:

The customer survey was a routine offer effectiveness survey conducted by one of Best Buy’s research partners. Any brand reference was hypothetical. The survey is no longer available.

But why? Well, that’s unclear. While we hate to jump to conclusions, it seems the retailer may have simply been testing the efficiency of the rumor mill. Or, put simply: Offering us some juicy details on a much-anticipated Apple product knowing full well they would spread like wildfire.

After all, that’s a surefire way of ensuring we all go to bed thinking about Best Buy, and an effective method of gauging consumer interest before it puts in its order for the “Apple HDTV” with Apple.

  • FriarNurgle

    The hype machine begins. 

  • Jordan Clay

    I love how there weren’t enough rumors for the iPhone/iPad so they developed an entirely new different product to create rumors about.

  • Vigrestbuen

    I really hope Apple soon is coming with a TV.

  • bdkennedy

    I believe Best Buy did the same thing with the original iPhone and Nintendo Wii.  Getting the hype out there a little at a time so if the product does materialize you will think Best Buy.