Make Stuff Blow Up With Action Movie FX On Your iOS Device



Famous director and producer JJ Abrams owns a special effects company called Bad Robot Interactive. Abrams’ company has released an iOS app in the App Store called Action Movie FX that allows you to create realistic special effects on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Once you shoot video on your iOS device, Action Movie FX will let you choose a type of special effect to add. The end result is some pretty impressive footage.

Action Movie FX is free in the App Store, but you only have access to two types of special effects, “Missile Attack” and “Car smash.” More effects can be purchased in-app for $0.99 per two-pack.

You can examine your footage with very basic timeline options and adjust the effect’s timing to make a perfect explosion. Once your video is processed, you can share it on Facebook, send it in an email, or save it to your device’s Camera Roll.

While you won’t be making the next Iron Man movie with Action Movie FX, there’s plenty of Hollywood fun to be had with this free app. You can download it in the App Store now.

  • recyclops117

    About two weeks late?

  • Erik Boeselager

    Ive tried on my ipod touch 4g 8gb with 5.0 but it keeps crashing. i downloaded 5.0.1 just now so hopefully itll work

  • Erik Boeselager

    yep, that was the issue

  • marcwitteveen

    Have a look at daemon cam also, specialy their marketing video on YouTube.

  • Cinefy App

    If you like this app, be sure to check out our new app Cinefy, we are launching in January with 30+ effects and over 102 animations!

  • Winston M. Walker

    Loving this app. My only problem is that using in on my
    iPhone 4s I cant seem to purchase any of the other effects. Anyone else
    having this issue, as I keep getting an error.

  • Chris Redder

    I love this app. I also like “Blow It Up”… can blow up buildings and houses.  very cool.