Report: China Unicom To Sell iPhone 4S By Christmas


Apple Business in China

The iPhone 4S has finally been approved by Chinese regulators. Apple’s newest device today received its network approval, paving the way for carrier China Unicom to begin offering the smartphone in time for Christmas.

China Unicom, Apple’s sole carrier partner in the Asian country, told Chinese news site that training, testing and sales preparations are already complete. The company expects to sell the iPhone 4S without a contract for 4,999 yuan ($790).

Apple increasingly sees China as a lucrative market, the nation recently becoming the second most profitable region for the tech giant. Although the reaction to the iPhone 4S by the Chinese consumer is unknown, in November Hong Kong pre-orders sold out in 10 minutes.

  • LouiePorter

    It’s unlikely that many Chinese look on Christmas as anything but a decadent, western holiday.  There isn’t much of a “gift giving” season for Christmas.  But the phone *IS* in time for Chinese New Year, the main national holiday.  You can’t always look at every event thru the prism of Americana.