Retina Display iPad 3 Coming In February [Report]


Screen Shot 2011-12-08 at 1.05.30 PM

When Apple will release the next iPad and what form it will take when they do are only at the theory stage, but smart money says that Apple will release it in the same time table they do every year: March or April.

However, according to Citi analyst Richard Gardner, we may get it a bit early: February 2012. And when it comes, “several sources” have confirmed it will have a Retina Display.

Otherwise, what we know about the iPad 3 is mostly speculation, though it seems likely at this point that it will be slightly thicker than the iPad 2 in order to accommodate the dual LED lightbar necessary to illuminate the Retina Display. That means it won’t be backwards compatible with iPad 2 cases, though the Smart Cover will still work.

  • Guest

    Where’d you get that background picture on the iPad?

  • Tim Meesseman

    It was used in Apple’s invites for the 2010 iPad event.

  • Walied Ali

    could you post that image ? or a link to it ? that would be sweet. thank you.

  • 5imo

    “Retina Display iPad 3 Coming In February [Report]” how can this be a report was there an official press release from apple? hmm no! so its a “rumour” 

  • Adam Hall Reilly

    see? that wasn’t hard.

  • OrangeNick

    I have a question.. The whole rumour about the ipad becoming thicker bothers me, it seems like a step backwards, can anyone think of a previous product that has ever done a similar type of evolution?? I honestly don’t know if this has ever happened. I just feel like maybe it takes a little of the “revolutionary/magic” away from the ipad.

  • Connor Mulcahey


  • Bob Forsberg

    [Report] no, its a [Guess]

  • SevanGrim

    If the hardware is awesome enough, its valid to make it a little thicker. its not like the things going back to being as thick as a brick or anything.

  • TradeGothicBold

    I feel the same way.  There is no way whatsoever that Apple would release a thicker version of a device that they already have on the market.  Jobs was a huge believer in “thinner is beautiful” when it comes to their hardware, and tho he may be gone, Jonny Ive would NEVER allow a thicker iPad out the door.  They’d just slap new guts into the iPad2 first for a stopgap to getting the next version to be thinner. 

  • CharliK

    Exactly, anything said by anyone but Apple is a rumor. No matter who it is 

  • CharliK

    1mm is thicker and yet not really even a small deal since you won’t realize that it is thicker 

    And yes Apple would totally add thickness if it was to include something that was a major improvement. LIke said if they had to add 3mm to include a better battery, or a second back light so you can use your iPad outside in the sun or such

  • CharliK

    There comes a point when you can’t get any thinner. the iPad is likely already at that point. So don’t go thinking that Apple is going to try to get this this the size of a sheet of paper because even Jonny Ive knows that that is impossible. At least in this lifetime.