Would You Buy an Android Tablet So Your Kids Leave Your iPad Alone?



Toys R Us won’t even start selling the Nabi Kids Tablet until next week, but it’s already sold out in pre-orders.

Billed as the first full-featured Android platform made especially for kids, the 7-inch $200 tablet  comes loaded with about $150 in games and uses “kid-friendly” software. (Apparently they haven’t seen how adroit the tykes are with grown-up versions.)

The device, designed by FUHU and manufactured by Foxconn, is being marketed to parents who want their kids to stop messing around with their iPads.

“The problem is you’re not really comfortable with them playing with a $600 device,” Jim Mitchell, CEO of FUHU told 7×7. “You get it back from them and the screen is smudged, they may have deleted some of your files, and so on. One of my colleague’s son, who was maybe three or four, somehow ordered $250 worth of smurf toys on his iPad one night.”

The smudge factor plus low price of the tablet may draw parents in, but like many toys for children, the must-have appeal comes from the cool extras that kids will hound you for until you give in.

“We won’t make huge money on the tablet itself,” Mitchell says. “It’s the accessories that go with it that will be profitable for us.” These include cute add-ons for the rubber bumper case like a Hello Kitty or Kung Fu Panda head.

The Nabi Tablet also comes equipped with “Mommy Mode,” so that once your kids are in bed you can do whatever one does with an Android tablet that you wouldn’t want your kids to do.

Would you consider buying your kid a starter Android tablet?

Via 7×7

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18 responses to “Would You Buy an Android Tablet So Your Kids Leave Your iPad Alone?”

  1. livehappy8 says:

    What is the major benefit here over the Amazon fire?

  2. Guest says:

    Im thinking of buying an android tablet soy dad can leave my iPad alone:p

  3. GH says:

    Why would you buy your cild a piece of crap?

  4. kylerey says:

    I think you mean Toys R Us not Kids R Us

  5. tedcranmore says:

    That”s crazy…how do I justify getting the iPad 3 if it isn’t by pushing the old iPad to the kids?

  6. Jdsonice says:

    Excellent idea! I like it. 

  7. Pomato_Vine says:

    I bought my kid an iPad1 during the price drop when iPad2 was launched so that she would stay away from my Android Tablet…

  8. mitchell.farmer.1997 says:

    Finally, Android has found it’s place. A cheap kids toy.

  9. Davidfrankk says:

    The kids aren’t alright !

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  10. AvoidDroid says:

    It’s always nice when parents sacrifice and give their kids the best stuff, being content to keep for themselves that which is inferior. Congrats on your selflessness. ( Psst…maybe you can get your hands on the iPad when your kid’s asleep ).

  11. AvoidDroid says:

    This one appears to have a more rugged body/case to protect from inevitable bumps and drops. Maybe it’s a little less vulnerable…maybe.

  12. Luckiest_Girl_1990 says:

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  13. Luckiest_Girl_1990 says:

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  14. KidComputers says:

    I’m offering a device similar to the Nabi, and my orders are also sold out! It seems like tablets for children is a HUGE buzz this holiday season!

  15. ZeeKazim says:

    LOL I was thinking the same thing XD

  16. Renee Jenkins says:

    Facebook is preinstalled on the Fire, in case you don’t want your kids to have access. It has an unrestricted browser, and the parental controls only consist of entering a PIN before purchasing an app.

  17. youmustofhadaniostablet says:

    Well if we gave kids iOs tablets, they’d all grow up to be stupid.

  18. Travis Lee Rowland says:

    You are truly ignorant my son.

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