Use Windows Phone 7 On Your iPhone Now, No Jailbreak Required



It’s probably not very popular to say on a Mac blog, but Windows Phone 7 is actually pretty damn good. Not iOS good, of course, but it does a lot of cool, unique things, and unlike Android, doesn’t just rip off Apple’s ideas wholesale: its tiled Metro UI is very pretty, very informative, very smart and its own thing entirely.

Even so, if you’re on an iPhone, you aren’t likely to envy Windows Phone owners very much, but if you want to see how the other half lives — and find out for yourself that it’s not actually that bad — Microsoft has just posted a WP7 emulator in HTML5 on their official site.

To test it out, just go here on your iPhone or iPad, and you can take Windows Phone 7’s Metro UI for a drive. It’s informative stuff, not least because the Metro UI will be the cornerstone of Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablet UI, which could potentially give the iPad a run for its money sometime in 2012 where Honeycomb has so far failed. Operative word being could.

[via OS X Daily]

  • fortninety

    I couldn’t agree more. While iOS is still the best mobile operating system, and then some, I’m a big fan of what MS has managed to create, and it’s a serious breath of fresh air when compared to Android, which tries so hard to ape Apple, but fails on pretty much every account.

  • brnmbrns

    Tried this for 10 minutes and wow, I will NEVER buy a Windows phone. This is an abomination. Worst UI I’ve ever used.

  • Figurative

    Never before has so many pixels represented so few data elements.

  • icstars989

    I really dig windows phone, i enjoy iOS too, but actually using a windows phone (owning iphone) I can say that it is very refreshing.  All its missing is app support. 

  • GregsTechBlog

    Well that took me all of 3 minutes to decide I really don’t like it. 

  • amjohnno

    I’d been looking forward to trying Windows out, but I’m confused about something. Was it Microsoft’s intention to make something so utterly unusable? I don’t understand what positives one can see from trying out that demo. And believe me, I was hoping only for good from it. I’m the first to admit MS have caused me as many issues as the rest of you guys in the past, but I really wanted to like this. I think their only hope might be the devoted few who who still haven’t deserted Nokia.

  • theartofHERO

    And I should do this why?

  • warrengonline

    I opened this page on my iPad2 and received a weird message for being in landscape mode.  See attached photo.  And this is Microsoft’s Entry?  I use my iPad2 95% in portrait mode.  I used my iPod Touch in 50/50 portrait and landscape mode.  I was going to TRY to like this, but ‘the shoe does not fit’.  This is HTML 5 right?  The screen is forced to ‘Windows 7 phone screen size.  WHAT!?!?!?  Hmm..  I went off to assist a friend with something (about 25 minutes) came back and the demo ‘time our erred’ on me.  I am using Mozilla Firefox 8.  Win 7 in not for me.  I’ll re-visit, although I played with a friend’s Win 7 phone over a month ago.  I didn’t like it too much then, but thought it was a nice square piece of the rainbow.

  • warrengonline

    I was raised on Palm OS (still using PalmTreo600 with my replacement backup in my desk drawer).  But I took a side venture into the Pocket PC market 2003 to 2004.  As a cellphone,  was crap – dropped calls, looking up information quickly as tedious, but as a media device – it was DEAD ON AWESOME.  Ironic.  after touching this demo, I am clearly an Palm OS / iOS person.  I like effortlessness and things to be like second nature within minutes.  I NEVER read a help me file on Palm OS or iOS and was using it effectively in like 20 minutes.  I consider myself clever more than smart.  And at times I like having mutliple ways to doing one thing.  But there is only two ways to operate Win 7 phones – 1. Send it back to the dev and let them do a thorough QA and fix the UI or Go Buy an iOS device, put a wallpaper on it that says Win 7 Upgrade and you’re set.  I’m just being humorously honest.  [Force me to use portrait mode..  This is NOT robust.]

  • 69Voltage

    Why would anyone want to put anything from Winblows on their iPhone?

  • Connor Mulcahey

    Looks cool but information doesnt seem very organized and it is difficult to use

  • Dilbert A

    Yeah I was disappointed also. Maybe they just suck at web apps? Idonno.

  • Dilbert A


  • Dilbert A

    Agreed, and I’ve seen some gorgeous apps form MS also, this emu sucked though.

  • baby_Twitty

    Use Windows Phone 7 On Your iPhone”
    rubbish, u can’t use it at all.

    its just a html 5 demo of the interface, which is… to be honest, quite confusing 

  • baby_Twitty

    yea i got confused with all the menus and tiles sweeping in and out from all directions.

    its confusing as hell.

  • Aro

    …I just can’t understand how can someone writes seriously that Windows Phone is pretty cool. It is pretty geeky at its best. Complicated UI; scroll here vertically, swipe there horizontally and click on an item to get to another list to swipe. Pfff…

  • Andrew John

    Agree. Its like having Paris Hilton sitting on your Ferrari.

  • davrosuk

    “and it’s a serious breath of fresh air when compared to Android, which tries so hard to ape Apple”
    As an Android to iPhone convert (Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy S2 and now iPhone 4S) – Sorry, you’re just plain wrong. Apple (and pro-Apple commentators) would have you believe that Android tries to copy iOS.   The truth is there is nothing, yes *nothing*, in the Android UI that even resembles anything in iOS. One of the reasons I moved from Android to iOS *is* the huge difference between the two. 

    Android is an excellent platform, but currently I think iOS is better. Microsoft’s plain nasty business practices (eg Barnes and Noble patent case) are one reason I would never use their platform.

  • Ed_Kel

    I think the UI is pretty sweet. The problem is, I’m not interested in any of the phones you can get W7M on.. Also, iOS is a lot more simplistic and user friendly plus the hardware is great. Not sure anyone can beat that combination..

  • gareth edwards

    I’ve said it before. I like Windows7 Phone. Based on the looks of the thing, I think it’s the freshest interpretation of a mobile UI out there. Using it might be a whole different kettle of fish but from the looks alone I’m a fan.  I wish M$ all the luck in the world getting this off the ground in a meaningful way as the market needs real choice to help continually drive innovation. This is coming from a 17+ years mac user 

  • hurtle24

    I respectfully disagree. Of course Android rips off Apple, have you seen what Android looked like before the iPhone launch?

    As to the specifics of how the UI functions, that’s not really the point. The fact is that aping Apple is how Android (as we now know it) came into existence.

  • davrosuk

    Then we shall have to agree to disagree here. Since if you throw away the UI specifics you are simply left with a list of features. Most of these features (maybe all of them) pre-date Apple’s implementation. What Apple did, and really well might I add, was package it up in a very slick UI – one that I like a whole lot :-) 

    Android has never looked, nor functioned anything like iOS. Samsung on the other hand have skinned their Android devices with TouchWiz, which makes their device look and behave a lot iOS-y – but its important to differentiate between the AOSP and what the handset manufacturers produce from it. I’d go as far as to say iOS has borrowed more from Android (Notifications, OTA updates etc).

    I have no axe to grind – as I say, I’ve ‘defected’ from Android as I think iOS has a better user experience.

  • Kamuro

    There is no problem with liking other stuff, even when Mac user. In general we are no Mac users, because we love a certain ideology, it’s because we love great stuff. And Apple mostly delivers the best devices out there, that’s why I use a Mac no Win PC. But WinMo 7 is awesome too and I would like a Lumia 800 for instance. But I have no love for Android, that’s far away from WinMo and iOS, quality wise.

  • Kamuro

    As all Apple devices work great among each other, it’s hard to switch to other systems. But I’ve read MS did some synch software for the Mac to get your data and music over there. When it would be possible to play movies from the iTunes Store, that would be perfect. Would make things easier with switching.

  • gareth edwards

    I agree, I have other great stuff, Apple is just the most consistent great stuff maker IMO.  Lumia does look cool doesn’t it?  Looking forward to finding one in the wild and having a fiddle.

  • Jason Mansfield

    Try viewing the demo page in IE9 – classic.

  • Ed_Kel

    I think you are misunderstanding what the differences between the two are as it seems like you are pointing more towards the difference in UI. With a little research you would see exactly how well documented some cases are proving that Android has slowly adopted iOS ideas in both UI and behind the scenes. Take multi-touch support for example – virtually a “copy/paste” steal from Apple. Android has even tried to create an exact replica of iOS’ MP3 app, although certain Apple syncing patents restrict Android’s ability to copy certain key functions; just to name a couple.

    Like Hari Seldon said, compare android versions from before the release of iOS and the most current, then compare to iOS. Maybe after you do that, we’ll revisit this debate. : )

    The documentation of multi-touch support in Android

    “MotionEvent can now report simultaneous-touch information for devices that support it. Up to three pointers can be tracked simultaneously.”

  • davrosuk

    Nope. Not misunderstanding at all. And to be blunt your condescending to wrong guy here. I’m fully aware of Android’s development.

    Multi-touch is an excellent example of something that simply can’t be done (sensibly) any other way. Hence why it’s implemented identically on not just Android, but every touch based device I’ve ever used. It seems you’re under the impression that not only is Android just an iOS clone, but that it’s one way traffic too. Do you not agree that Apple has done a copy and paste job on notifications? Virtually pixel for pixel?

    Good ideas will get copied – that’s how things work, but the key is in the implementation. That fact that the UI is so different (not just a bit – but completely) is why some users hate Android and some hate iOS. 

  • Ed_Kel

    I do not agree that notifications is a copy of Android. What..just because you swipe down from the top makes it an identical copy? The system was implemented very differently in iOS.

    And yes, it is a one way road due to the fact that most features that Apple implemented whom are claimed to be “copies” are of features that aren’t implemented by Google at all; they are implemented by third party developers and, may I add, in the worst way.

    Just the other day I saw an article whining about iOS copying Android and several features were pointed out. Twitter integrated into contacts – Android has integrated Facebook contacts since day one.. No no no Android didn’t do shit, Facebook wrote that action and using it (2.X era) virtually crashed the system. PhotoStream – Picasa Web Albums. Split keyboard – Swiftkey X….

    See where I’m getting at? The only feature-implementation that Google is responsible for are back end changes like multi-touch which Google stole from Apple. So again, yes, it is a one way street between Android and iOS. Unless, of course you want to give the third party guys credit for coming up with an idea and attempting to implement it properly.

    No thanks, I would rather wait for a company like Apple to implement these features correctly instead of giving praise to a company that allows others to create these features while not giving a shit on how it works for the end user. That is what sets Apple apart (and ahead) of the rest.

  • djrobsd

    I LOVE the interface… Apple really screwed the pooch with iOs.  I don’t want to stare at a screen full of CLUTTERED icons.  I want to stare at a screen of information from which I can act on.  Kudos to MS for this.  I only hope Apple gets their heads out of their A$$ and design a more usable interface for the iPhone then a silly screen full of icons that you have to click on just to see what appointments you have coming up for the day.   

    Would I switch to the MS phone? Probably not. Apple has me so far ingrained, especially now with iTunes Match. I doubt you’ll ever see iTunes Match on the Windows phone, although they could partner with Google Music or Amazon Cloud and come close…