Use Windows Phone 7 On Your iPhone Now, No Jailbreak Required



It’s probably not very popular to say on a Mac blog, but Windows Phone 7 is actually pretty damn good. Not iOS good, of course, but it does a lot of cool, unique things, and unlike Android, doesn’t just rip off Apple’s ideas wholesale: its tiled Metro UI is very pretty, very informative, very smart and its own thing entirely.

Even so, if you’re on an iPhone, you aren’t likely to envy Windows Phone owners very much, but if you want to see how the other half lives — and find out for yourself that it’s not actually that bad — Microsoft has just posted a WP7 emulator in HTML5 on their official site.

To test it out, just go here on your iPhone or iPad, and you can take Windows Phone 7’s Metro UI for a drive. It’s informative stuff, not least because the Metro UI will be the cornerstone of Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablet UI, which could potentially give the iPad a run for its money sometime in 2012 where Honeycomb has so far failed. Operative word being could.

[via OS X Daily]